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Christmas at County - Feature Length and Trailer

"Twas holiday eve, and in our small town a saddened cop sits, wearing a frown. As pay for mistakes he made on the job, his charge was to monitor the Christmas Eve mob..."

A Willow Brook Studios Production
Executive Producer: William James
Producer: Jennifer Cozza James
Associate Producer: Michael Mapél, Samantha Siong
Director: William James
Writer: William James
Editor: Michael Mapél
Stars: Michael Mapél, Jennifer Cozza James, Wil Ahern, Danielle Gatto, Justin Patrick, Tannon Simcox, Mike Valley and introducing William James as The Narrator

What started as six individual in-class monologues became our students year-end project. With little to no budget, Christmas at County became a true team effort. Our students got to both act in the short film and play varying "behind the camera" roles in the production.



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